Rodríguez World Tour

My team and I were asked to come up with the visual concept, communication strategy and graphic material for an artist’s World Tour.
The artist that we were randomly given was Sixto Rodríguez, reborn legend and revolutionary. Because of the extraordinary story behind our artist, we decided to stay close to his roots, bringing him back home to the place that made him who he is, and the same place that he strived so hard to change and inspire: Detroit, Michigan.

With this in mind, we skipped the actual World Tour, and created the Inner City Blues instead. A 24-hour music-filled experience around an almost abandoned city that has had a powerful impact on both the music industry and Rodríguez’s career as an artist.

This project was done with Estefania Blondet, Maria Alejandra Guerra y Vanessa Ortega.

Advertisement and marketing pieces

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